Who must get a colon cancer screening 

Colon cancer isn’t something that has any direct relation to your bloodline or genetics. Colon cancer may develop due to multiple risk factors including lifestyle, diet, excessive smoking/drinking, etc., apart from family history. 

Almost 50 thousand people die every year from colon cancer year in the USA itself. While it is difficult to detect the presence of colon cancer due to little or no lineage, it is highly preventable. This is why you must consider getting mount pleasant colon cancer screening done.

mount pleasant colon cancer screening

However, some people are more prone to colon cancer than others. Listed below are some of the most observed risk factors that lead to this condition:

Inactivity and Obesity

Becoming slaves to sedentary lifestyles and being inactive has a significant effect on your health. Also, it is considered to be a risk factor for colon cancer. Other than this, being overweight/obese has also been observed to highly impact your risk for colon cancer. 

Improper Diet

If you consume considerably good amounts of processed red meat, you are more likely to be prone to colon cancer. You must consider adding more greens and plant-based protein to your diet to improve health.

Drinking/Smoking habits

Moderate to high-level drinking habits put you at a greater risk of developing colorectal cancer. Also, while smoking is mostly linked to lung cancer and related issues, it affects other organs like the colon. Thus, limiting your drinking and smoking habits is essential to prevent the development of colon cancer.

Final takeaways

While these risk factors don’t always lead to colorectal cancer, but it significantly increases the chances of developing one. So, you must incorporate healthier habits and improve your lifestyle to minimize your risks for this condition. 

However, in any case, it is advised for everyone above the age of 45 to get colon cancer screening in 10-year intervals. This way, instead of waiting for symptoms, you can get it detected in time and save your life.